Seko Engineering House plays a significant role in engineering designs in Iraq, offering a wide range of design services.

Our expertise spans various disciplines, including Architectural Design, Civil Design, Structural Design, Electrical Design, and Mechanical Design. We take pride in our innovative approach, particularly when it comes to structural design, where we strive to bring forth creative and unique ideas.

  • At Seko Engineering House, we have a dedicated team of consultants who support every stage of the design process, with a special focus on architectural concepts. From urban planning to designing cities, neighborhoods, quartiers, residential and commercial buildings, hospitals, clinics, stations, warehouses, and more, we ensure a comprehensive and integrated approach to your project. Our consultants work closely with you to understand your vision and transform it into a practical and aesthetically pleasing design solution.
  • Furthermore, our services extend beyond design. We also provide accurate estimations for your projects, ensuring the best calculations for cost estimation and budgeting. Additionally, we offer franchising services, parallel to our supervising and consulting activities, to ensure the successful execution of your project.
  • Choose Seko Engineering House for your engineering design needs, and let us bring your ideas to life with precision, creativity, and expertise.